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those lonely nights

bob & key {IEK INC.}
and then they knew their reasoning.

made for saetonchapelle & iek_inc


Darkness, all around them for as far as the eye could see. But they could hardly see their hand in front of their face, let alone each other, despite how closely they sat. Pressed together, they could feel the breath from the other, could make such actions their own until neither could be sure if the other was breathing, or if it was only him.

The stillness of the eternal blackness around them, the silence they themselves created out of choice allowed for one to feel the bubbling of a question, the vibrations of vocal cords before any sound even slipped past lips to disrupt the self-imposed solitude.

“Hey Bob…” An incomplete sentence, but the god knew that no prompts would be needed. “Why do we eat worlds?”

That question was certainly unexpected. Sent Bob’s mind reeling at the mere utterance.

They were one, two halves of the same whole. Surely what one knew, the other was bound to know as well. So why the question? But upon actual thought, Bob found himself at a sudden loss of answers. Surely he should have known immediately – even if Key hadn’t. After all, that was all he did, all he yearned for, it was his very existence. Only a fool would be uncertain of their reasoning.

But a fool Bob was.

For no answer did he have to give. He could have easily lied, would have done so had the situation been any different. But Key would know if he was lying. Just as Bob would know if Key should lie.

So he gave the only thing he could give, the thing he never gave anyone, honesty.

“I… I don’t know.” But Key said nothing in response, just hummed in understanding, his thoughts undoubtedly searching for an answer to his question.

The little fact sent Bob’s own mind reeling, suddenly desperate for an answer. Whether a by-product of Key’s own search, or done out of free will was uncertain, but Bob couldn’t find it in himself to care enough to figure that out as well.

Time passed, how much neither of them could quite be certain, for time within their little world was erratic at the best of moments... Unpredictable and hardly to be considered cyclic.

But when Bob finally came to some sort of definitive conclusion, Key seemed to still be lost in thought, and the god had to wonder if they had been thinking of the same thing to begin with.

"I think..." Bob began, pausing long enough to ensure that Key was in fact listening, the only indication that he got however was his dark haired counterpart turning his head slightly to include him in his line of sight, if only they could see.

"I think I know why..." But the blue haired god didn't elaborate, wondering if Key would understand. Wondering if in his vast expanse of a mind, he already knew the answer, had already found it and had just been waiting for his other half to acknowledge such a fact.

But Key didn't respond, and finally with a sigh, Bob turned, fed up with waiting for the other to inform him about whether he had happened upon an answer of his own.

The god was surprised to find his other half so close, close enough that even in the suffocating darkness he could make out the look of seriousness, masking the worry much better than his only visible eye was able to.

"I..." Bob tried to answer, but was silenced by a quick shake of the other boy's head, hair shifting enough so that the god could see the clean white material covering the other eye often hidden by hair.

There was nothing there. Bob knew if he was to brush dark bangs back away from healthy colored skin, skin that usually looked so pale, he would find nothing. Beneath the eye patch that Key always wore, he would find nothing but a void, an emptiness that stretched on just as far as their darkness, an eternity.

A deep well of nothing, or was it perhaps power? Perhaps it was were all their greed went.

World upon world, life upon life, conquest upon conquest. All falling forever in an empty space.

Even now, with the eye patch in place, Bob could have sworn he could hear the faint, agonized cries of a thousand worlds.

"I already know." Of course Key already knew. As soon as Bob had come to a conclusion, his other half would have known. But the blue haired god suspected that Key had known long before he had even ventured a guess.

Then what had been the point of even asking?

"So then... Tell me your reasoning." His reasoning, Key's reasoning. Their reasoning.

Key only smiled in response, and Bob awaited the answer that his dark haired other half would gift him with. But the silence only continued, replacing the sparse conversation that had broken the solitude for that short amount of time.

Finally lifting eyes to glance upon Key again, Bob was almost startled by the near expectant look gracing the others face. The dark haired male obviously expected his god like counterpart to divulge his conclusion first.

Before even opening his mouth, Bob knew their reasoning was different, but he couldn't say which was was truer.

Regardless, the blue haired god plowed on ahead anyway, knowing in the end he would have to hear Key's own ideas, would have to hear why one was wrong and why one wasn't.

"We feed because it's how we were made." The easiest explanation he had been able to come up with, the only one he had even found any worth in.

A reason that was based in nature. How they were, and something that couldn't be changed. Surely that sort of reasoning couldn't be argued with, at least not easily.

The small smile that had been slowly working it's way across Key's face finally stretched out in its entirety. He didn't say anything at first, just continued to smile, shaking his head slowly in rebuttal.

Not even waiting, not even picking apart Bob's reason like the blue haired god had expected him too, Key whispered his own answer, the sound nearly being lost, even in the eternal silence.

"To drown the loneliness... To fill the emptiness."

So close, and yet it was as if neither of them was truly there. Sitting pressed together like they were, the warmth that seeped from their bodies to warm the other, could have been nonexistent at all, and neither would have even noticed.

For a long moment, Bob said nothing. Gaze lowering, eyes staring intently at the bare feet of his companion, the blue haired god suddenly aware of just how close they really were.

What did he say to that? Surely he should refute it. Gods did not feel loneliness, emptiness did not exist within a god.

So then why? Why could he say nothing to his other half? Why could he not speak up and tell Key that he was wrong? That his reasoning had been true, that the dark haired boy was just lying through his teeth.

But no words came.

Finally, Bob looked up. Eyes that were far to confused to show any precise emotion seeking out dark ones that were far to clear in their own feelings.

"My loneliness is yours, just as my empty heart beats in your chest." Thin fingers lifted, Key's cold hand coming to rest on Bob's chest, fingers curling down into fabric.

Even through thick layers of clothing, Key could feel the almost erratic beat of a heart that would never stop.

Hand reaching up to curl around the one on his chest, Bob understood at least part of his other half's words. Key's explanation and actions tugging at something he hadn't been aware existed.

Fingers curled tighter around the warm hand pressed against his chest, despite the fact that Key had made no move to remove the touch. If anything, the dark haired male's fingers only curled tighter into fabric, as if breaking the contact would break the moment that had sparked between them.

But neither wished for such a thing, though neither would ever voice that single thought.

No words left their lips, no more sound penetrated the silence that had once again enveloped them like a cocoon, refusing to release them from it's tight embrace, despite the urge to say something, anything, that consumed them both.

A shuddering breath was the only thing that left Bob's throat, the only thing he could manage to muster up in the face of Key's unending, almost unnerving smile.

Bob should have been used to it by now. Should have been used to Key knowing far more about him than any other being, living or dead. He knew his dreams, his hopes, his fears, his desires.

Bob had never been so sure how comfortable he was with that fact. It was a weakness. Knowing every fear the god harbored in his being. Every dream that hid in his mind. Every hope that made his nerves buzz with excitement. Every desire that made his heart thump wildly in his chest.

The thump thump was loud, as loud the roar of blood in his ears. Loud enough that Bob was sure Key could hear every silly little flutter that the organ gave at every moment. At every smile, at every lifted gaze, at every squeeze of their hands.

And the beating only got louder, becoming almost deafening to the point where Bob wasn't sure he'd be able to hear even if anything had been said. Thump thump it went. Faster, harder, louder, for every inch that Key came closer.

By the time they were face to face, the blue haired god couldn't even hear himself breathing anymore. By the time thin lips settled over his own, Bob realized he hadn't been breathing at all.

The kiss was awkward, the feel of Key's lips barely even there, his own body not even moving in response to the dark haired boys actions.

Key finally pulled back, and the shock of it sent a jolt through the god's system. The loss of the warmth that Key had left behind showing Bob just how much he had enjoyed the sparse contact he had been gifted with, just how much he desired for it to return.

But he didn't say anything. Didn't prompt his other half back, no matter how much his subconscious screamed at him to do so. He was as much as a coward as he was a fool. Unable to let loose words that he furiously choked down, unknowing of the meaning of those little flecks of emotion dancing behind Key's otherwise lifeless eye.

But the seconds ticked by, and the blue haired god could slowly feeling himself becoming uncomfortable, the unease clearly masking the frustration he was feeling at the sudden lack of movement.

A fact which Key easily saw hiding beneath his counter parts orange-red eyes, a fact which the dark haired male gave a small chuckle to, leaning forward before Bob could give any sort of protest at this less than pleasing treatment, claiming slightly parted lips as his own.


♪la la la la la la la la la la la
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